Medical, Physical or Alternative treatment?

What’s the best type of treatment for pain and how to choose which one?

Never before has there been such an incredible choice for treatment options for any kind of pain and condition affecting the human body.  Go back to just 10 years ago and the only option in most patient’s mind was to rely on their family doctor’s opinion and expertise for anything related to the body and pain.  Doctor’s are great at internal medicine they have to be, but they do come short with more physical and anatomical pain.  This is where experts in the field are going to be far more qualified than a General practitioner doctor.  When the physical and the medical come short, then you will need to look at the fast emerging sector of alternative medicine which looks at treating conditions in a variety of different ways. Alternative medicine can be anything different that has not been tried before and it can range from massage, psychotherapy, hypnosis, Reiki, herbal supplementation and so much more.

A process map for treating pain

caveats: you are not biased and are open to every type of treatment

If you do not mind taking medication and are open to alternative medicine then really the simplest way to go about getting treatment is what is proven and what is available.  Seeing your doctor for all internal pain and symptoms is the first place to go.  Find out what’s wrong from a specialist that has a degree in treating common ailments.  If the Doctor cannot find what’s wrong he will need to refer you to a consultant at a hospital, scans and test will be done and if that proves no results that is when your options to start seeking alternative medicine is warranted.  For physical issues you want to go straight to the physiotherapists and also osteopaths have good service here. They will be best to help you and again if that fails alternative can be a route bearing in mind that some alternative medicine is also physical based